SET – Necklace / Bracelet – Purple Jade, Opalite, Blue Cats eye, Blue Iolite with gold cat / silver pendants


An adorable Feline inspired set of necklace and bracelet. This set has Purple Jade, Opalite, Blue Cat’s Eye and Blue Iolite beads with a silver My perfect Pet pendant on the bracelet and a gold sleeping cat pendant on the necklace.

Purple Jade helps protect and regulate the aura, making it an ideal stone for empaths and highly sensitive people as well as helping to relieve anxiety and the calming the nervous system

Oplaite assists in improving communication on all levels, gives strength when verbalizing hidden feelings, and assists during transitions of all types

Blue Cat’s Eyes stimulates intuition and to enhance awareness, as well as being used for a grounding stone that provides a very effective protective energy

Blue Iolite promotes pure thoughts, intuition and self-acceptance

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