SET earring / necklace – Soldalite, Blue Sandstone & Pearls w Fluroite pendant


A striking set that includes silver french hook earrings and necklace.
This set incorporates Soldalite, Blue Sandstone and pale pink Saltwater pearls. The pendant is a larger translucent pale blue Fluorite

Soldalite is the stone used for bring order and calmness within and assists with the positive verbalization of feelings.

Blue Sandstone is used for new beginnings and success

Pink Pearls will attract luck and wealth. It will also bring you energies of prosperity and abundance

Pale Blue Fluorite assists in brutal honesty by offering clear and focused positive communication on the physical and the spiritual realms, clears mental fog, and soothe those of us who are experiencing hard times; while it also can help in dispelling anger while embracing patience

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